Founded in 2003 by Wayne Griffin, FLAVUH was the platform for singer/model/actress Shannone Holt of VH-1, Project Runway, Model Employee and Hewes Pictures motion picture 2050 fame. When Holt left the group to further pursue other career endeavors a few years later, the band went on hiatus. After a seven year run leading Cashmere, Griffin reprised FLAVUH. The newly formed band's personnel which includes NBC The Voice Season 11 standout Bindi Liebowitz, brings together a blend of musical styles and influences that create a uniquely fresh and tantalizing sound. With an emphasis on keyboard synthesis and a distinct penchant for Neo-soul, FLAVUH turns in scorching performances night in and night out on stages all across the country.... The FLAVUH is truly delicious!

Nothing ordinary..... nothing typical

Whether "doing their thing" in a recording studio in Los Angeles, a night club in Japan, the concert stage of "the World's Most Famous Arena" in NYC, a wedding reception in Boston or the Superbowl in New Orleans, this collection of musicians and singers mesmorize audiences with an extraordinary blend of musicality, showmanship and "chops".

The Band
Ketura Jerome - Vocals
Wayne Griffin - Vocals
Mark Clark - Drums
Jabari Hill - Keyboards
Vince Jefferys - Keyboards

History & Beyond

Denasia Lawrence - Vocals
Bindi Liebowitz - Vocals
Gerard Barnes - Keyboards
Shaq Brown - Drums